Guidelines for Discussions

Discussions profile

When registering a Discussions profile, you are asked to choose a nickname that appears on the Discussions, in the notices and / or comments that you will make. Your email address will not be publicly visible to others.

You can read talks and comments without a registration.

Our etiquette

📌 Aim for good conversations and tips

📌 Let’s behave friendly and calmly

📌 Let’s follow good manners

📌 Let’s not pick a quarrel or troll

📌 Let’s use language and let’s not SHOUT (= caps lock on) at others

The Discussions Q&A

Can I start a new talk on the Discussions?

Absolutely, that’s what it’s for! You can ask for advice and tips concerning your own work or you can share information about interesting events and exhibitions. And above all, you can find like minded people.

Can I take part in the talk on the Discussions?

Of course, and we hope that you will do so!

The Discussions offers you a chance to tell about your own experiences amidst art and to be of assistance to other users. By taking part in the talks you are able to share your know-how and expertise and learn from others.

What are the topics discussed in the Discussions?

On the Discussions you can comment on and talk about art related issues like works of one’s own art works, exhibitions and other art events as well as courses and workshops.

What is the purpose of the Discussions?

We wanted to create a space where it is easy and safe to announce and ask questions. The Discussions is moderated and controlled by the Young Visual Art (Nuori Taide in Finnish).

At the very start of the Young Art, we noticed that there was a need for a channel where events, happenings and actions in the field of visual art performed by youngsters are shared and collected. The Discussions is a site to inform and ask questions about art-related happenings, exhibitions, courses, workshops and artistic work in general. It is a site where young people interested in arts and the adults working in the art field meet each other. The purpose of the Discussions is to bring together people sharing the same interests.

I have detected inappropriate behaviour on the Discussions. What should I do?

The admin supervises, that the instructions are followed, moderates talks, if necessary and removes inappropriate content. In case you detected something off-topic and harmful, please report it using the Report button. The button is a small red flag in the upper right corner of the comment.

You can always contact the Young Visual Art:

📌 nuoritaide(at) 📌 WhatsApp +358 50 472 3552

We get back to you from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 3 pm.

Safe space principles are followed in Taide\Folio. Let’s take care of the good discussion manners and the Discussions cleanliness, together.

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