General Instructions

Welcome! Taide\Folio is a web page for young art makers and those interested in and enthusiastic about art.

Read carefully through the guidelines before registering and starting to use Taide\Folio. When everyone using the page is aware of the shared guidelines, the communication will be safe and pleasant for all. It is possible to follow the talks on Discussions and check the artist profiles in Creatives without registering, too.

The Guidelines

What is Taide\Folio?

You are about to enter Taide\Folio.

This page is a meeting point for

  • young art makers and young people interested in and enthusiastic about art,
  • professionals working with children and young people,
  • professional artists and people working in the field of art.


Taide\Folio’s Discussions is a site to talk and change ideas and Creatives offers a free platform to show the works of one’s own and to tell about oneself as an art maker.

Taide\Folio is a safe site to use! You are respected as yourself. The users are asked to follow good manners and use kind language. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Notice that some of the users are underage.

Taide\Folio is moderated by the admin. The admin supervises that the guidelines are followed and removes possible improper content. A user behaving improperly is banned, when necessary. The users are encouraged to report about incorrect behavior, too. It is easy to do by using a ‘Report’ button on the Discussions.

Read carefully through the guidelines, for it is our common responsibility to create a pleasant and encouraging atmosphere for all.

Do I make new friends at Taide\Folio?

It is possible! The Internet brings people together and Taide\Folio is a good site to find like minded people and people who share the same interests. People who meet on the internet may end up friends when people respect each other and each other’s limits.

In case you decide to meet in real life someone you’ve got to know in the internet, remember to:

  • tell about a meeting to a reliable friend or adult
  • meet at a public place
  • get to know each other properly online before meeting

Here are some useful links on the subject (in Finnish):

MLL: Meeting a online friends for the first time

MLL: Friends from online

At Taide\Folio you adhere to the principles of equality

People are different, which is richness. Taide\Folio is a web page for all interested in art, and everyone has a right to use it. We do not accept any kind of racist remarks, discrimination or hate speech, and such content is removed. At Taide\Folio people, their works and different views are respected.

Do not bully.

Do not judge.

Do not disregard.

If you are not sure that your comment is proper, don’t publish it.


Help others to make good choices

As a user of Taide\Folio you share your experience and provide other users with assistance and help on art-related issues. On the Discussions you can ask for help and support, too. Keep in mind that help offered comes from the other users of Taide\Folio. Here, as on the internet in general, media reading skills are needed. If you notice suspicious offers or requests for assistance, report them to the admins via the report button.

Keep in mind the copyrights

Be sure to share your own content only! If you yet share content other than your own, make sure that you have permission to do so. If you don’t have the permission, you will break the copyright law.

If you are not familiar with the copyright legislation, (in Finnish). It is good to know your rights!

Follow the law

Taide\Folio functions under the Finnish legislation. If any kind of criminal activity or its planning is suspected, the admin turns to the police.

Youth work act and its values guide Taide\Folio and the Young Visual Art’s activities, values like joint liability, cultural variety, sustainable development, and diverse co-operation.

Good manners and some other things to consider

Taide\Folio is open for everyone aged between 13 and 28 years. The older users must keep this in mind, especially when the works show:




Commenting on racism

Substance use

Strong language

Yet, some things to consider! is the subject of the Young Visual Art forum administered by the Art Centre for Children and Young People.

We do not necessarily agree with the views, comments and ideas of our users. The Ministry of Education and Culture supports/funds our action, and the Youth work act guides it.

As a user of Taide\Folio, you give to the Young Visual Art a right to edit, copy, publish or not to publish material on your profile. Discussions talks may appear in Google search for some time after they are removed from the board. Notice that admin is not viable for this.

Terms of use.

Data protection policy.

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